Hello…Coucou Bazar!


crédit photo: Fondation Dubuffet.

Taking a look at this photo, we could wonder what exactly this woman is doing…  Has she caused a big disaster in the workshop? Has she been punished, trying to fix a masterpiece of the famous artist Jean Dubuffet? 

Fortunately not! You are actually lucky to discover the Closerie Falbala‘s backstage in Périgny-sur-Yerres, situated in unexpected Val-De-Marne. The Closerie Falbala is a gigantic sculpture, designed by the artist as a metaphoric garden, a painted 3D landscape in which you can walk.

Dubuffet’s moving painting

This sitting woman, part of a team of restorers, is actually studiously working on Jean Dubuffet’s unique work, called Coucou Bazar. This incredible show created by the French artist is a real Art Total concept… Just try to imagine this: a real moving painting, coming alive on stage just under your eyes! For this performance, Dubuffet designed all the costumes and set. The staging is supposed to move imperceptibly, in order to give a poetic dimension to this “animated painting”.

This artistic treasure is the best-kept secret in Val-de-Marne.. we hope this production will be staged for an official event soon!

Marie-Laure & Anabelle.

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