L’Anis Gras, a curious name for a unique place !


A curious name for a typical drink


During the late 19th century, L’Anis Gras was a distillery which made anis liqueur. This beautiful factory has been transformed in 2005 in a unique cultural area.

If you are looking for something different, far away from white galleries and disembodied art, rush over this unique and singular place in Arcueil! This art center, is an experimental theater and an artist’s residence at the same time. L’Anis Gras is an off-beat place where art flirts with humour, underground and poetry!

ANIS GRAS le lieu de l’autre – 55, avenue Laplace – 94110 Arcueil.

Chicago’s architecture for an art center in Ivry

La Manufacture des Oeillets

This glass, steel and red brick building was built in 1913 on the American model of the Daylight Factory. Severe and bold, with these four levels with large windows, this industrial building reflects new modernists ambitions: a more international construction, clear and modern forms evocative of the Chicago School and the Bauhaus.


One of the first contemporary art center created in Val-de-Marne, le Credac, was moved in 2011 to this place. This is a good opportunity to meet the artists who are living in residence, see their works and discuss with them. The brunch and tea are usually offered for this occasion! credac3credac 2




Centre d’art contemporain – Le Credac- Ivry, Manufacture des Oeillet, 25 -29 rue Raspail, 94200 Ivry-sur-Seine.


Our top 3 galleries in Val-de-Marne

1. Galerie Municipale Jean-Collet
As Vitry-sur-Seine is one of the biggest defenders of  Public Art and the first city along with Grenoble which respects the French law “1% of Art”: 1 % of the sums dedicated by the State for every public construction like schools or hospitals  will have to finance the realization of a contemporary work of art joined to the architectural project .
With the numerous contemporary artworks hidden in the streets of the city, Vitry has a most beautiful art gallery. This spacious and lively art center is a real showcase for new scene artists, and organises many exhibitions, shows, and events which bring life to the recent French art scene.
 59, av. Guy-Môquet
94400 Vitry-sur-Seine
2.Galerie Municipale Julio Gonzalez
gal arcueil

Forget all bad versions of Les Nymphéas from Monet , or silk-painting  exhibitions you might have seen in  municipal museums! Located in Arcueil, this gallery proposes a high level of contemporary art, and a lot of events like the national prize “Prix Antoine Marin ”

10 avenue Paul Doumer
94110 Arcueil

3. The Art House Bernard Anthonioz in Nogent-sur-Marne

nogentWelcome to Bernard Anthonioz House, a prestigious gateway between Past and Present.  Our last crush is more than a traditional gallery, where the location also worth the detour. This unique art center is specialized in graphic and photographic art (the exhibitions are often coproductions with big institutions like Le Musée du Jeu De Paume in Paris). Nestled in a XVII th century castle, this gallery converses with the outside, a beautiful English-style park, where you can have walk after your visit!

16 Rue Charles VII
94130 Nogent-sur-Marne.

Le Générateur, an experience “on the edge”


Le Générateur was recently created, in 2006. It is an old beautiful Art Deco cinema transformed into a place dedicated to contemporary art and specialized in dance and experimental performances. Situated in the south suburb of Paris close to Gentilly, le Générateur is the place to be if you want to meet the underground new scene.

Rome Performance et Juliette, FRAQ 2013.

Rome Performance et Juliette, FRAQ 2013.

Le Générateur, offers an unexpected and experimental trip and where dance meets digital arts and poetry.

Le Générateur is a space which is  hybrid and interstitial… such as life can be maintained and developed here, in this new creative district on the outskirts of Paris called «le périph’ ».

[Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_J5BsJrW1I]

16, rue Charles Frérot 94250 GENTILLY


Walk around Art !

There is a life beyond the “Ringroad” … come on and take a tour in the south suburb of Paris! If the weather is shiny, be curious, and try new adventures in Val-de-Marne!

 An art treasure hunt in Vitry-Sur-Seine

If you are a contemporary art lover, a walk in Vitry-Sur-Seine will be for you as exciting as a chocolate egg hunt during Easter ! Not only known in France for street-art, Vitry is also famous for the numerous great artists who transformed  the city into a gigantic open-air gallery. Hidden in a courtyard or nested on the stained-glass windows of a City hall, you just have to open your eyes to discover the secrets Vitry has you to tell…

1. Jean Dubuffet, Chaufferie avec cheminée 1970-1996



Who said that “traffic circle artist” was a pejorative name? The famous father of “Art Brut” (Outsider Art) Jean Dubuffet’s gigantic sculpture “Chaufferie avec cheminée” is proudly standing on the main roads of Vitry-sur-Seine, looking at the continuous ballet of cars.


Just in front the Mac/Val! Carrefour de la Libération 94400 Vitry-sur-Seine.


2.  Piotr Kowalski, Signal 1974



This disco neon cube, signed by the founder of Technologic Art, Piotr Kowalski, lights up during the evening, and transforms one of the main places of Vitry into a big nightclub… Let’s dance!


1 place Jean Vilar 94400 Vitry-sur-Seine


Valeri Adami, 8 stained-glass windows  1985

city hall


Known for his big frescoes in Gare de Lyon and above all, the wall-painting decorating Châtelet Theater, Valerio Adami designed the 8 stunning painted glass windows of Vitry’s City hall, reminiscent of the famous Chapelle Matisse in Provence.


2 avenue Youri Gargarine 94400 Vitry-sur-Seine.




Our favorite places

Here are our favorite art places dedicated to contemporary art in Val de Marne !

  1. The Mac/Val in Vitry sur Seine

Musée Mac/Val

Why do we love Mac/Val ? 

  • This is the most important place for contemporary art in Val de Marne
  •  It is the first museum strictly dedicated to French contemporain artists since the1950’s
  • The the building (13 000m2) was designed by architects Jacques Ripault and Denise Duhart
  • The garden (10 000m2) designed by Michel Germa, composed with sculptures and artists’ works

2. The Crédac in Ivry sur Seine


Why do we love Crédac ?

  • It is located in the old factory of the Oeillets
  • It organizes a lot of different exhibitions from French or foreign artists


Contemporary art for your kids

In Val de Marne, you can enjoy contemporary art with your kids. There are a lot of workshops all around the department and you can enjoy them during every season !

For example, in the Atelier de Charenton, all the members of the family can enjoy a school of painting created by Sandrine Sananès. Here, you can live a new experience where your kids and you are the artists, just for one day !

During the Easter holidays, you can enjoy a visit and a workshop about images and sound in this place dedicated to photography. This workshop is proposed for children ages 7 to 12 years. And it is free !

Your kids can also discover contemporary art directly in the MAC/VAL with the “fabriques d’art contemporain”. These workshops are directly organized by the artists of the exhibitions and dedicated to children, alone or with their parents.


Hello…Coucou Bazar!


crédit photo: Fondation Dubuffet.

Taking a look at this photo, we could wonder what exactly this woman is doing…  Has she caused a big disaster in the workshop? Has she been punished, trying to fix a masterpiece of the famous artist Jean Dubuffet? 

Fortunately not! You are actually lucky to discover the Closerie Falbala‘s backstage in Périgny-sur-Yerres, situated in unexpected Val-De-Marne. The Closerie Falbala is a gigantic sculpture, designed by the artist as a metaphoric garden, a painted 3D landscape in which you can walk.

Dubuffet’s moving painting

This sitting woman, part of a team of restorers, is actually studiously working on Jean Dubuffet’s unique work, called Coucou Bazar. This incredible show created by the French artist is a real Art Total concept… Just try to imagine this: a real moving painting, coming alive on stage just under your eyes! For this performance, Dubuffet designed all the costumes and set. The staging is supposed to move imperceptibly, in order to give a poetic dimension to this “animated painting”.

This artistic treasure is the best-kept secret in Val-de-Marne.. we hope this production will be staged for an official event soon!

Marie-Laure & Anabelle.

Michel Jouniac in the exhibition “Cherchez le garçon”, Mac/Val

Michel Jouniac (1935-1995)


Hommage à Freud, constat critique d’une mythologie travestie 1972 – 1984. Installation photographique, ensemble de quatre tirages au gélatino-argentique sur toile, 250 x 200 cm, (110 x 90 cm chacun). Photo © Jean-Luc Lacroix Musée de Grenoble – 2005. Collection Institut d’art contemporain, Villeurbanne, Rhône-Alpes. © Adagp, Paris 2015.


Michel Journiac is -unfortunately- not very well known, but his work is still very interesting and disturbing. In the 1970’s, his art was quite controversial because of his main themes and creation processes. For example, he worked about sexual identities and he dressed up himself into his own parents. The body seems to be the media of his art, like in this photography given above. To summarize, he expressed revolt against social, moral, religious diktats.

You can see some of his works in the recent exhibition in Mac/Val called “Looking for the boy” until the 30/08/2015. It’s a multidisciplinary themed exhibition about masculinity representation in the society. 100 other male artists are shown like Gilles Barbier or Maurizio Cattelan.

Cyril & Marie