Have fun in Val-de-Marne, even if it’s raining !

It’s an opportunity to pamper yourself with many spas and hammams.

Val-de-Marne is the place to restore your body. If you want, you can ride a water bike. If you are a sporty person, check out the watersport section.

Why not go to the hairdresser ?

If it’s still raining and you are bored, why not go to a museum ?

The Museum of Nogent is about the history of the Marne. It tells you everything about the banks of the Marne, landscapes, historical sites and how people used to swim in the river (today you can’t). You will know everything about guinguettes (go to the guinguette section). This museum tells you about Sunday leisure activities in the old days.

With children you could go to the Exploradome, an interactive museum for kids about Exploradomesciences, multimedia and sustainable developpment. Children have fun in this museum.

If you like contemporary art you should go to the MAC/VAL, you can find more information on the blog (contemporary art section).

If it’s still raining you can find other ideas on the web site « Tourisme-val-de-marne » section « castle and museum ».