A great culinary workshop in Champigny-sur-Marne

Here’s a post to get you real hungry!

With all the tasty recipes you can find on les Cercles culinaires de France, we can suggest for the lunch today :

  • Sweet and sour salad with Comté, spinach and pomegranate
  • Lamb confit with dry fruits
  • Rhubarb, pistachio and yogurt cake

What a better way to learn new recipes and know how to make them in a hotel school with exciting and passionate professionals. This is in les Cercles Culinaires de France where you must go!

And for the next workshop, on Saturday the 13th of June, you can learn how to make a wonderful French pastry, the Paris-Brest.

Christophe Michalak : Paris-Brest à l’ancienne A difficult recipe but well worth it

See you there!

Marion S.


Collège Elsa Triolet

2 Avenue Boileau

94500 Champigny-sur-Marne