Tchin Tchin in Val de Marne – the story of its wine

Did you know that Val de Marne used to supply Paris with wine?

It is a written historical fact documented by the monks of “l’Abbaye de Saint Maur”.

Located only 15 km / 30 minutes away from Paris the vineyards were planted on the hillside near Bois de Vincennes and stretched right across Saint-Maur or “Vieux Saint-Maur as it was known.  They used to supply a great quantity of wine to Parisians because there was at that time a problem of polluted water in the wells.  This unforbidden and increased consumption of wine brought a lot of joy and happiness among the inhabitants!

Every year in May and during the Heritage days in September there is the Saint -Maur Medieval Festival. There is no admission charge and on display there are craftwork and products made by local French village artisans, social activities around a medieval bread oven, the lore and chivalry of Kinghts, food and beverages, and even Scottish camps!

This year the festival will take place on May 16 -17, 2015, if you want to get into the spirit of the event come dressed up in a medieval costume.

Cheers! See you soon in Val de Marne for a glass of wine!

Anne D.