La Jarry in Vincennes

Graffiti sometimes leaves the streets to grow on the walls of old factories, art studios and even canevas. A good alternative for street art lovers on rainy days !
La Jarry in Vincennes is an incredible space for one of these days :


With 45 000 m2, six floors and a terrace, it is considered to be the biggest squat in Ile de France. You can wander around and discover over 5000 pieces of art, made by internationally famous artists like Monkey, Mimi The Clown, the RDLS collective  or emerging new talents. 

250 people are living and/or working in this space. The art studios are open to public only once a year, but you can interact with the residents-artists while crossing their paths in the labyrinth of the corridors. Some will invite you in, some others will ask for a quiet environment, each visit is an adventure ! 

You might encounter movie directors and their team, rolling some images in this unusual space; dancers enjoying the environment, Art is everywhere ! And the fact that it is considered as a “clean” squat, tolerated and even supported by the city makes it a safe space.

10362933_579469568834780_5635512090902910157_nGet lost in the twists and turns of the Jarry, stumble upon incredible works of art, interact with the artists ! We guarantee you a staggering experience.

At the 106 rue de la Jarry, near by the metro station Chateau de Vincennes, leave the gates of Paris and enter Val-de-Marne in an unusual journey !


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