A day in Vitry-Sur-Seine

Discovering pieces of art


Interview with a greeter

Y & S: Why did you decide to become a greeter?

J.P: I have decided to become a greeter because I’m passionate about my city. I love Vitry-Sur-Seine very much, I love its energy, and it’s a dynamic city full of vitality. There are quite few artists from the music scene who are from here. The whole rap movement was born in Vitry-Sur-Seine. It’s a pride for me to present it. This is the reason why I become a greeter. (The greeters are volunteers).


Y & S: Is there tourism in Vitry-Sur-Seine?

J.P: Some people do not take Tourism in Vitry-sur-Seine seriously but it’s a reality that is settling. I’am contributing to it’s development through an association called “Vitry’n Urbaine”. This association promotes through urban walks Street Art in Vitry-sur-Seine. Street art in Vitry is not only painted walls, it’s also about highlighting artistic processes by defending and promoting them to the public coming in Vitry.


Y & S: Is there a connection between tourism and street art?

J.P: Of course, there is! Tourism and Street art have become a trend through urban walks more and more popular. We give access to residents, to visitors, tourists whether they’re French or not. We allow people who are curious to come closer to the suburbs and discover them. When people think about France or Paris, they think within Paris itself. We want to show life, this emergence, which exists in Vitry-sur-Seine at least.


Y & S: Where do the tourists come from?

J.P: I have tourists from Vitry-Sur-Seine, from Val-De-Marne, a lot of Parisians are also coming and recently foreigners from everywhere, Italians, Russians, Belgians. They come to discover a city, they are interested mostly in Street Art and they always leave enchanted.


Greeter : Jean Philippe Trigla

Interview : Yacine & Samira

Translation : Agnès & Joséphine


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